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Are you LIVING a NOURISHED life?


Life & Wellness Coaching: Living a Nourished Life Program


Our LIVING A NOURISHED LIFE program is based on the idea of Yang Sheng (translated as “The Art of Nourishing Life”). These teachings or philosophies are about each of us as individuals exploring and discovering what it truly means for us to be whole, to feel whole, and to live out our greatest purpose and potential.

Underneath the surface, Classical Chinese medicine offers more than acupuncture needles and herbal remedies; it is a philosophy, a way of living, and a way of seeing/viewing the world; it is us learning to show up in the world as our best selves fully and confidently.

Breathe. Shine. Live!

Why the LIVING A NOURISHED LIFE program is different? Our Credentials! We are not Life coaches; we are medical professionals who do this work every day in our treatment rooms. Trained in Eastern and Western medicine with bachelor's degrees in Health Science, Master's Degrees in Acupuncture, Extensive Training in Chinese Herbalism (from an accredited institution) and Doctorates in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

What is the LIVING A NOURISHED LIFE program? Life Work! Personal Coaching programs that draw from our knowledge, experience, and expertise. Customized care plans that utilize all the tools and methods we offer within our clinic, just without the needles. Our Breathe Shine Live program offers strategies rooted in thousands of years of efficacy intended to restore your purpose, direction, and passion for life. 

Through the lenses of Chinese Medicine, we aim to create strategies and outline plans that include nutritional guidance, herbal &/or supplement assessment/evaluation while also developing practices (habits) intended to nourish and support you through the process. Being trained and certified in functional movement and having an extensive background in meditation and mindfulness teachings, we will tailor plans specific to your individual goals/needs.

As Doctors of Chinese Medicine who specialize in doing the life work with our patients, we recognize the value in having someone in your corner through different phases of our lives. Through our clinical work, we specialize in helping people find their way. We often see patients who simply do not feel “quite like themselves” or may feel like they are “lacking direction” or “lacking a passion for life”. We do a lot of work in the realm of mental/emotional health, abuse survivors, and/or trauma recovery. Each patient that makes their way in gets some form of this ‘life work’ that best fits their situation. While it’s true many also receive the acupuncture as well, it’s the conversations we get to have and the life strategies we develop together, that goes beyond the needles.

Acupuncture Treatment at Five Shen

For the purpose of clarity and honesty... We DO NOT believe that the coaching & strategy work is equal to what we can do when we get to include our acupuncture skills and the power of Five Element Acupuncture; we DO understand that not everyone is ready for/want the needles. However, we also recognize the value that our experience, training, and unique perspective of Classical Chinese medicine can have in helping someone find a clearer path to what’s next.

Why are we doing this?  From our work with patients, we recognize the overwhelming overload of information available from a thousand different perspectives and “truths.” We believe that working with someone who can speak about all of the various aspects of wellness, especially when that voice is an actual medical professional, allows the noise to fall away. No more mixed messages! No more contradicting strategies! No more confusion!

The LIVING A NOURISHED LIFE Program is intended to bring clarity to the path forward and help you attain your goals while discovering who you are in health.

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